Attended NYC Beekeepers Association Meeting

8 Dec

I attended a NYC Beekeeper’s Association meeting for the first time. I have become a member of the association.

There was a presentation regarding the “Red Honey” situation I’ve heard about from Phil. Apparently, the run-off from the cherry factory in Brooklyn has turned some hives’ honey red. I also saw an article in the NYTimes, shortly after Phil told me about this.

The lecturer was Dr. Larry Connor, entomologist and queen bee breeder, who was entertaining and shared very interesting insights and facts about raising queen bees and how bees reproduce. It is just fascinating how they reproduce and thrive. I must have slept through my biology class when they went over bees, or they just don’t teach this stuff in school.

What I got out of this meeting, is that bees are not as “maintenance free” as I initially thought. Yes – they are very independent and can forage on their own. However, I realized that it will take much care, observation, and knowledge to keep a hive healthy and thriving.


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