Second Inspection and “The Queen is Dead???” Incident

5 Jun

Here’s the video from today’s check-in:


Today, I woke up to check in on the hive, and there was a big bee, stuck at the entrance. It was so big and stiff, I could not get it out of the entrance. I wasn’t sure if it was the queen as I couldn’t get a good look, but it was a huge one, so I got very concerned and emailed Phil. He wasn’t scheduled to come check-in for another three days, but decided to come take a look after work.

Some questions kept popping up in my head throughout the day, such as:
What if the queen was dead?
Did the queen lay eggs before she died?
If so, will there be a queen cell and will they start over?
Do we need to get a replacement queen?

When Phil got here and opened the hives, the dead bee turned out to be a drone, to everyone’s relief.

The hive was buzzing along fine and it was much further along that the first check-in.

And lo and behold, we spotted some grubs (larvae)!!!

We also spotted queen-like bees that were definitely not drones…but we’re still not sure.

In the next check-in, I intend to find the queen.


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