Community Hive Inspection + The Amazing Three

31 Jul

I went to the community hive inspection organized by NYC Beekeeping at Randall’s Island 5 Boro Green Roof. This green roof is a testing ground for various green roof systems, and includes a green wall.

The community hives got the package of bees and queens at the same time we did from the same source, but only a few of them were thriving. It seems that we had a shipment full of “bad queens”, and most of the queens will need to be replaced. As a result, we might be able to get a “split” from a thriving hive and a new queen.

During the inspection, Jim was very helpful in pointing out various tricks and basics. There are so many things I don’t know! I had an “a-ha” moment inspecting a thriving hive here – I realized our hive was totally under-performing even back in early July, and we should have re-queened a lot earlier in order to have saved it.

I recommend NYC Beekeeping for anyone who is trying to start beekeeping – most classes and events are free and there is co-op hive equipment and bee ordering.

Here are some photos from the hive inspection:

Afterwards, I went home and I opened up the hive, expecting everyone to be dead, but I found three (yes, 3!) survivors…and one frame full of capped brood and one frame full of honey. But the hive is already attracting ants and flies…Out of respect for the “Amazing Three”, I have cleaned out the carnage (sob…), made a grave for them, and left the hive still assembled.


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