Rode out Hurricane Sandy and the Snowstorm…

23 Nov
Day after the hurricane

Day after the hurricane 10/30/2012

The honeybees made it through both the hurricane and the snowstorm afterwards. When they began flying out again after all the snow melted, it was like witnessing a miracle.

Made shims out of square wooden dowels

Made shims out of square wooden dowels 11/10/2012

Fast forward 10 days — Decided to get the hives ready for winter. Made a shim out of square dowels to make space for Hive B, since all the shims got used up in Hive A to accomodate the freestyle combs…

Sugar for Wintering

Sugar for Wintering 11/10/2012

After the shim was done, I put it on Hive B, and put in dry sugar on top of paper and sprayed some “Honey B Healthy” (essential oils and supplements) diluted with water.

Sugar High

Sugar High 11/23/2012

Fast forward another two weeks: Today was a very warm day…48 degrees F, and the bees were flying out.

Hungry Bees

Hungry Bees 11/23/2012

…So I decided to take a peek, and the bees have been eating the sugar.

Boiled and Diluted Honey

Boiled and Diluted Honey 11/23/2012

Just in case they weren’t taking the sugar, I had also prepared some diluted and boiled honey and stuck them in Boardman feeders, which I swore I’d never use, but thinking the bees might be really really hungry, I put it out there. I saw one bee and a few flies take to it. I may never use them again… 2 weeks later…They finally noticed the feeders, and sucked it try in three warm days…

I also took off the freestyle combs off the inner cover, because they’ve emptied out these combs. I now have enough combs to stick them to about 10 foundations to give them a head start in spring. Gives me something to do for the winter…


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