Rendering Beeswax

22 Jul

I rendered Three types of beeswax:
1) Burr Comb (left) – Optimum wax yield, clean, light colored wax
2) Post extraction leftover (middle) – some yield
3) Post die-out brood comb (right) – Someone said it would be a waste of time, but I had a bucket full and had to try.  Took forever to strain out the non-wax gunk, and yield is not high…Not recommended, but a very interesting process…


Burr comb is easy to process – Just melt, filter, and I dried them out in empty egg containers. The wax pops right off.


Taking out all the gunk from brood comb:

Congealing in Milk Cartons first – then I had to re-do the process all over again to refine it further:


Darker wax is from brood comb, lighter is from honey extraction leftover:




After a day or two’s worth of  work…this is what is left…



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