Lip Balms, Lip Stains, and Salve-ation Balm

29 Jul

I researched various recipes to find out the ratio between beeswax and liquid oils.
I found anywhere from 1:2 to a 1:4 wax to oil ratio. Since it’s summer, I wanted for the balm to be harder = more wax.

So I began with 100g of beeswax, 100g coconut oil, and 100g almond oil, plus about a teaspoon of Vitamin E oil.
(sorry, it’s just easier to go metric, rather than dealing with cups, fl. oz, oz, etc . etc.)

First batch turned into Mint Lip Balm.
Some of the leftover got turned into Lip Stain, with added red beet powder. I meant to make less lip stain than lip balm, but ended up making more as I had to add more beet powder diluted in almond oil.
The remainder became “Salve-ation Balm”, a panacea for all things rashy and itchy.


Mint Lip Balm:
Beeswax, organic virgin coconut oil, organic sweet almond oil, spearmint oil, rosemary oil, and Vitamin E.

Lip Stain:
In addition to the Lip Balm – organic red beet root powder.

Salve-ation Balm/Ointment:
In addition to the Lip Balm – black walnut tincture, neem tincture, tee tree oil, and lavender.

=== PROCESS ===

Melting Virgin Beeswax harvested from burr comb:

Anticipating Yield (over-anticipated…)

Sifting Beet Root Powder for Lip Stain:

Beet Root Powder mixed in with Beeswax:

Actual Yield… Both Lip Stain and Salve needed to be re-done:

Lip Stain had to be re-done to increase ‘staining potency’ of beet powder:

After Lip Stain congealed:

Salve-ation Balm:
Black Walnut tincture got separated from wax as it congealed, so I ended up mixing up the balm afterwards, re-melting some of it. It’s more creamy than lip balm. Tried on eczema and works great!






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