About Queens Apiary

Queens Apiary is an urban beekeeping project in Queens, New York.


This project was successfully funded by generous people on Kickstarter.com.

Queens Apiary Goals:

– Create better society and environment through innovations in sustainable beekeeping, urban farming (permaculture), off-grid living, net-zero (energy self-sufficient) buildings, manufacturing, distribution, and waste management.

– Create benefit not just for the shareholders, but bees, people, workers, society, and the environment. “What’s good for bees is good for people.”

– Follow best practices and beyond in sustainability, diversity, equality, and food justice.

– Proactively hire people with disabilities.

– Create a workplace that is a “calling” and a place of growth and development.

– Aim for zero waste, zero carbon footprint.

– Stop the widening gap between 1% and 99%.

– Promote urban farming and permaculture.

– Help eliminate GMO’s, synthetic pesticides and non-organic/mono-crop agriculture by 2020.

What is a B-Corporation?

Queens Apiary is a project initially funded via Kickstarter.com:


Contact us:


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