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Third Check-In: Got Stung. And Burnt.

20 Jun

I checked in on the bees for the first time, solo, and here’s the report I wrote to our beekeeper Phil:

date: Sun, Jun 19, 2011 at 10:56 PM
subject: Third Check-In

Hi Phil,

I checked in on the bees today, cleaned up the feeder and replaced the syrup.

I saw the queen as well. Our queen is only slightly bigger than a drone, but definitely had longer, pointy tail and did not have big eyes like the drones.

I think they were happy and OK, but one thing concerned me. They built upwards, and began a big comb right into the feeder.

I did not want to take it out, as I didn’t know what to do.
So rather than do something drastic, I just left them in there.

It seems that because they built upwards, they haven’t gone sideways. Like last time, only 4 five wax foundations are filled (pollen, bigger grubs, and more capped comb), and they haven’t expanded to the six five other foundations on both sides….

Should I take it out?
When are you going on vacation?
Wanna come look before you go?

I got stung on my finger when I accidentally grabbed a bee along with a frame, but it didn’t hurt as bad as when, earlier, I accidentally overreached for the smoker and burned the same finger.

I think I flicked the bee in time so the stinger didn’t stay in the skin, and the finger didn’t swell. Got a blister for the burn though.

Live and learn.