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Queenlessness and Heat Wave = Bad News

23 Jul

I am sad to report to you that in the past three check-ins, the following has happened:

1) The hive replaced the original queen with a new one

2) The new queen then left (we were hoping she will mate and come back, but she has not come back for 3 weeks)

3) The heat wave is killing of what’s left of the hive (usually, a thriving hive can regulate its temperature, but we’ve lost too many and the hive is dwindling.)

We have been recommended to re-queen (get a replacement queen), but there may not be enough bees left in the hive after this heat wave.

Packaged bees for sale (to repopulate the hive) are all gone at this point in the year.

Worst case scenario, we will have to start over again next year — We hope to start the season earlier next year, and continue to take classes and visit other hives in the city to learn to be better beekeepers.

PHOTO: Gardening has been a steep learning curve as well – The first batch of seeds simply got baked in rooftop heat because I left the flats’ lids on. The second batch is doing well, but only the toughest of the seedlings are surviving the heatwave. The flats in the photo with the biggest seedlings have a layer of coir (coconut fiber) pellets underneath the soil. The ones that are not doing so well, are just solid soil.